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New Year 2017/2018 Special Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch Christmas and New Year Special
When resurrections feel like rebirths. Let's indulge in an appetizer.
Larry Peery: The Big Ten dip&Dip Stories of 2017
The biggest stories of the year, from early predictions to more predictions.
Mario Huys: Trump World
A game of Diplomacy played by the current crop of politicians (and their handlers).
Harold Reynolds: Stabbing Bells
Next time you're in Tyrolia, you want to sing that sleighing song.
Harold Reynolds: Hark! the Herald Dipper Cries
"Hark" as in "Pay attention, I'm going to teach you something new here". Even if it's a bad old pun.
Harold Reynolds: Deck the Board
A very uplifting melody which even Harold can't completely reverse, no matter how hard he tries.
Harold Reynolds: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Dipper
Diplomacy is one of those reindeer games that Rudolph is simply bad at. Who would have thought?
Kevin Burt: January First
Cracking open the history books in search of noteworthy events.
Kevin Burt and Mario Huys: On New Year's Resolutions
We're playing matchmaker with one of the world's oldest traditions.

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