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Winter 2013 Adjustment Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Welcome to this issue of the Pouch! We round out a successful year with this Winter Adjustment issue. And guess what we suggest for your New Year's Resolution?
Nathan Barnes and Mark Zoffel: The End — WACcon Diplomacy Tournament, 2003-2014
The Washington Athletic Club con will be held for the very last time this coming January. If ever you wanted to attend, this is your only remaining chance — make the most of it!
Bruce Duewer & Sergio Lidsell: Variations on a Theme — Machiavelli, Part IV
In the fourth article in the new Machiavelli series, our intrepid authors have a look at the many different ways you can pair the Machiavelli rules and maps on the nJudge.
Bruce Duewer and Sergio Lidsell: Money, Money, Money… — Machiavelli, Part V
In this fifth part of Bruce and Sergio's series on Machiavelli, they look at the unique and critical role that money plays in the variant. There's never enough time or money! But with this advice, maybe you can stretch the ducats long enough to dominate Italy…
Larry Peery: A Patron Saint for Diplomacy Players
Although it's disconcerting to put the words "Saint" and "Diplomacy" in the same sentence, Larry has managed to find a good candidate for this title. In fact, there's already an association all about it! Read on to find out more…
Charles Mosteller: Diplomacy — The Rubicon Brigade of Play-by-Mail
The line between the Diplomacy hobby and other turn-based strategy games is an old one, but in this article Charles Mosteller challenges us to cross that line and take ownership of our play by mail heritage — if we dare!

Manus Hand & Mario Huys: Solution to the Curious Case of the False Start

Manus and Mario finally provide us with the solution to his perplexing, profound, puzzling problem. I'd suggest you set up the board to follow along — you'll need it!
Larry Peery: Machiavelli's The Prince Turns 500!
It's true! This year marked (more or less) the FIVE HUNDREDTH anniversary of the first release of Niccolo Machiavelli's (in)famous and best-known work, The Prince. Where would the game of Diplomacy be without it? Larry shares some of his thoughts on this significant milestone for a seminal book!
Peter-Paul Koch: In Defense of A Smy H
Wise Sultans almost invariably order their A Constantinople to Bulgaria — but what about the second army in Smyrna? If the Tsar is the target, it goes to Armenia. If not, it usually goes to Constantinople to support the other army — but is that the wisest choice? Peter-Paul has an alternative: keep it where it is. Here's why…
Larry Peery: Mona Lisa, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Filippo Lonardo — The Inscrutable Smiles That Conquer All
Larry muses on the cryptic smiles sported by three of Italy's most famous figures. What do they know that we don't? And will we find out at WDC 2015?
Mark Fassio: Putting the Dreikaiserbund Into Practice
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #65, hobby stalward Mark Fassio looks at the three-way alliance between Austria, Germany, and Russia. It was Otto von Bismarck's favorite, after all — maybe it should be your favorite too!

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