by Nathan Barnes & Mark Zoffel

The curtain is closing on WACcon. It's been a great ride. WACcon 2014 is the last annual WACcon event. On January 23rd, 2014 we will host our 10th full-blown Seattle WAC tournament and our 12th year of hosting WAC-related events. As appropriate for a swan song, WACcon will also hosting the North American Diplomacy Convention.

Since 2003, 138 players have attended one or more WACcon events. Since its inception, WACcon has tried to create an environment for players to play some good Diplomacy and enjoy themselves. We host it at the Washington Athletic Club (WAC), a private club with a vibe and atmosphere that is a little different than your usual hotel convention space. Because itís a little different, attending WACcon is something special. You join an elite group for an experience unlike any other. You come as acquaintances; you leave as brothers. In January 2014 we will raise a glass to that bond.

Diplomacy and a celebration of WACcon will begin on Thursday, January 23 with a roast/remembrance dinner. We will tell war stories, roast our friends, and savor the memories. The floor will be yielded to all those wishing to share their favorite moments. Bring a speech, as everyone will have a chance to share their thoughts and memories. We are estimating that this will run about $50 a person to attend. Four rounds of Diplomacy beginning on Friday, January 24 and concluding with an awards ceremony on Sunday the 26th.

This is not an optional event. We will see you in January 2014.

Nathan Barnes
and Mark Zoffel

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