by the Editor

Welcome to the Winter 2013 Adjustment issue of the Pouch!

I'm very happy to note that this marks a full year of publishing the Pouch Zine, without any missed issues or interruptions! I'd like to offer my profound thanks to Chris Babcock, Heath Davis-Gardner, and our many other helpers and contributors. I certainly hope this will continue into 2014 and beyond!

If there's a unifying theme for this issue, it seems to be Machiavelli — both the variant, and the Italian statesman. Bruce Duewer and Sergio Lidsell continue to discuss the many different forms and aspects of Machiavelli the game, and Larry Peery has a few insights on Machiavelli the person. After all, this year marked the five hundredth anniversary of the first distribution of his masterpiece, The Prince!

Our next issue, the Spring 2014 Movement issue, is scheduled for March 31st. As always, I encourage to make a New Year's resolution to write an article for the Pouch in 2014! We need your help, always! So please send an article submission to editor@diplomatic-pouch.com to help us start 2014 on the right foot.

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The (Managing) Editor

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