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The Zine

Spring 2016 Retreat Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The start of a new era, and it started in Sweden.
Rick Leeds: The Embassy
When you come to live in a foreign country, what's the first institution to get into contact with? Right, the embassy. So if you're new to Diplomacy, what do you do? Exactly, you visit the Embassy.
Larry Peery: A Fine Line
You might think you have good control over your own self. But how it presents to others might be different of what you imagine.
Nils Bryntesson and Björn Thalén: The First Swedish Diplomacy Invitational On Video
It's history in the making. Seven top players, a Diplomacy board and a camera. Several, actually. Must watch.
Björn Thalén: The First Swedish Diplomacy Invitational — A Game Review
The expert commentator rehashes the game. For the impatient and the insatiable.
Harold Reynolds: Diplomericks
Limericks to recite when you're down on your luck.
Toby Harris: Italy by Experts, Part 1
The champion's favorite country. And he's not alone in that. It takes some cleverness, or astuce as the French say, and they're the first to offer some ideas.
Z. Tuscan Chicken: Tuscan Openings
If Turkey can put an army in Syria, why not let Italy open to Tuscany? No, we're no chickens.
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing — Operation Vienna
Even LMS plays out in Italy, while cannibalizing on Austria. Seems like a decent game plan.
Larry Peery: Book Reviews for Diplomats and Diplomates
Larry starts a new topic, a favorite of his. Who will be able to keep up with him? On your marks…
Pitt Crandlemire: The Big Dipper Looks Back at World DipCon VI (reprint)
Honoring the man with a rehash of his greatest success on the Diplomacy board.
Alliance of friends: The Big Dipper Looks Down Upon Us from between the Stars
An in memoriam to Pitt Crandlemire.
Charles Roburn: All Zombies Must Die A Second Time!
Lord Salisbury, the zombie slayer, suddenly remembers why he hated them zombies. Perhaps this will put his mind at rest.

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