by Harold Reynolds



Unfriendly Neighbours
Your neighbours will do what they can
To try to put you in the can.
They stab and they lie
And hope that you'll die
Before the brown stuff hits the fan.

Diverting Attacks
Your neighbours are plotting against you
You know there is one thing you must do.
You must go out back
And plan the attack
Of their neighbours on them, not on you!

Cold Turkey
A clever young lady played Turkey
With allies allergic to work-y.
To those lazy chumps,
She dealt out hard lumps
And chewed them all up like beef jerky.



Advice for a Diplomacy Novice
What is this weird game of Diplomacy?
Don't be nervous about seeking advice.
The goal of the game is supremacy.
The fear of betrayal donates the spice.

You should speak gently, like the summer breeze.
Be the rock of calm in the sea of storm.
Promote your plans with the greatest of ease,
And must pretend honesty is the norm.

The others will be busy with their schemes,
Weaving webs with the intent to ensnare.
Exposing white teeth, from which the light gleams,
While eyes, cold as the grave, shine their death stare.

A great player must have both skill and charm
To thwart others' schemes, while dealing them harm.



Your feeling of doom
When everyone looks away
Should not be ignored.


Harold Reynolds

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