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Spring 2016 Movement Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Beware the First of April, and we're not fooling!
Chris Hughes: Befriending Diplomacy
Chris Hughes, who's going to lead the new Mobile section of the Pouch, presents his credentials. Was anyone ever more fit for the job?
Larry Peery: The Badass and the Egghead: LeMay and Schriever
An examination of two distinct leadership styles of men who may have said 'Peace is Our Profession', but whose hands hovered over the red button of Armageddon.
Toby Harris: Germany for Experts
With Toby at the helm, the war will be over before the Sturmtruppen come into play. And Munich? "Toss it away," he says. Wirklich?
Norm de Guerre: Switzerland for Novices
A Gegenpunkt to Toby's article. Norm's experience clearly goes beyond chocolate and watches. Oder nicht?
Larry Peery: The Congress of Vienna — The Little Fries Get Fried
The much-anticipated continuation of the Congress of Vienna saga.
Harold Reynolds: A Diplomacy Haiku
The Zine's Poet Laureate presents something completely different and served it with sushi and sake.
Kevin Burt: The Zimmermann Telegram
What if we wonder... Are you supposed to tip the delivery boy?
Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — Solution to "The Costly Case of the Last Man Standing, Part 2" (in part)
Holmes and Watson have a go at pushing pieces across a table-sized Diplomacy Board.
Larry Peery: The Mama Mias Dynasty
What do Machiavelli, a Hollywood film star and a Diplomacy tournament in Andorra have in common? Larry Peery explains.
Rick Leeds: Alas, Damn Warwick
The author opines on ducks and kingmakers [sic].
Kevin Burt: Crypto: The Alchemy of Diplomacy
If espionage is the second oldest profession, then it needs its own jargon.
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing: Operation Rome
Order a pizza, and solve a puzzle fit for any piazza.
Kevin Burt: A Most Moral Man
Surely he can't be referring to "Old Nick" — the Devil himself!
Larry Peery: Peeriblah Goes Down to Defeat
Another course of Szechuan-American diplomacy is served. Will we be hungry again in an hour?
Various friends: Buz Eddy: In Memoriam
An iconic figure of the North-American Diplomacy Hobby left the scene, but not the hearts.
Buz Eddy: Impressions from DipCon (1998 reprint)
I thought it appropriate to reprint an article from the man himself as a Blast from the Past tribute.

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