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The Zine

Spring 2009 Retreat Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
As always, a brief introduction to the current issue.
Chris Dziedzic: The All Stars
The first installment of our 1900 demonstration game.
Edi Birsan: Whipping Best Country Awards
A look at the unique awards that were presented at this past Whipping tournament.
Chris Dziedzic and Jeff Hall: Ambition & Empire: Poland-Saxony
In the A&E variant, Poland-Saxony faces many challenges. However, the country also has considerable strengths, and has enjoyed some solid performances to date.
Chris Babcock: On Metagaming
Chris takes issue with some of the assertions of the renowned Doctor Bismark in our last installment.
David Hood: The Northern Question
David looks at the dual nature of Russia, and discusses the importance of balancing efforts in the North and South when guiding the Tsar's forces.
Mark Berch: The EGR Alliance for Russia
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #54, Mark looks at the often-ignored "Northern Triangle".
The Editor: Just Passing Through
A new issue of Diplomacy World is coming out soon. WDC XIX is coming up. Diplomacy fans are looking for other players in Greece and Portugal. And our game's creator was recently featured in Chicago Magazine!
Adam Silverman: Whipping Tournament Results
The Whipping Tournament Director summarizes this year's results.
Adam Silverman: Whipping 2009: A Tournament Director's Perspective
It takes a lot of effort to hold a tournament. Fresh from this year's successful Whipping tournament, Adam discusses the challenges he faced.
John Kyker: The Struggle of Nations: A Diplomacy Variant
Drawing inspiration from existing sources, John presents a new ten-power variant that includes Spain, Sweden-Norway, and the Balkan League, along with various map adjustments.
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Some praise for a past article, and a good suggestion for a future article!

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