The Diplomatic Pouch Shortcuts

The Zine

Spring 2002 Movement Issue

Editor Edward Hawthorne: About The Diplomatic Pouch
An introduction by Manus Hand.

Will Abbott: Five Structures
Will Abbott offers a fresh perspective as he dissects military games into five interrelated structures.

David E. Cohen: The Soloist Manifesto
How a disciple of Soloism accepts victory and failure. The proper mindset defined for the faithful.

Manus Hand: The Missing Master's Mystery
Holmes returns to the Calhamer Club after a long hiatus. See if you can help solve Colonel Sykes' blind problem.

Bruce Duewer: A Machiavellian Update
Part VII of a series on Machiavelli; this article deals with the implications of the initial setup.

Duinlas: Diplomacy Etiquette
Diplomacy is the name of the game. Duinlas reminds all players that a kind word is the key to gentle persuasion.

Mark G. Elwell and Michael E. Guenter: Masters Rules
A case study - optional rules to make a great game even greater.

James Mackintosh: Diplomacy Lore
James Mackintosh gives a testament to a doomed RT Juggernaut. Early Leader Syndrome at its finest?

Baron Powell: 1900: A Diplomacy Variant
An introduction to 1900 - first in a series.

Baron Powell: Switzerland
A discussion over turning Switzerland into both a passable space and a supply center (SC).

David E. Cohen: Way of the Warrior II
David's long awaited sequel to Diplomacy and the Way of the Warrior.

Matt Shields: Box Scores
Updates include the 2001 Bismark Cup, the 2001 North American Diplomacy Grand Prix, and the 2002 World Championship.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Back to basics -- resurrecting the effectiveness of an RT Juggernaut.

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