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The Zine

Spring 1996 Retreat Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
What's happened in The Pouch's little world since you last checked? Anything? You'll never know unless you read....
David Cain: Community Backstabbing
David, a welcome new contributor, regales us with the virtues of e-mail play as a well-organized group effort.
Szykman and Hand: The World Wide Web of International Intrigue
This article is a preprint of a paper that Simon and Manus wrote for the 1996 World DipCon Proceedings.
The Publisher and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Another dive into the mailbag to see what pleased, irked, and provoked discussion in the readers of the last issue.
Vince Mous and Rick Desper: Alexandria Rises Again
Vince and Rick continue the discussions devoted to the various powers in the Modern Diplomacy variant. This time, Egypt, the jewel of the Nile.
Mark Nelson: Openings Custodian's Report for 1995
Mark, in his capacity as the Openings Custodian, tells us how 1995 went. Can you spot any trends in the way people are opening today?
Stephen Lepley: Incoming! Further Reflections of a Newbie
Now a year and a half since joining the hobby, Stephen tells us about his latest exploits, this time into an 1898 game. (How long do you think we should keep caling him a "newbie"?)
Larry Peery: Xenogogic
The latest installment of Larry's Xenogogic is another feast for the eyes from the self-styled master of "Peeriblah."
Jamie Dreier Master Class
Jamie gives an extension for his latest assignment.
David Rosen Diplomacy and International Relations Theory
Can the great game of Diplomacy serve as a proper model of real-world International Relations? Read David's well-supported arguments that it can indeed.
David Cain "Yours Truly," The Diplomatic Signature
David's second article in this issue concerns the meaning of the signature and its effect on the game of Diplomacy.
Szykman and Hand Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
Ready for Holmes's solution to the mystery presented in the last issue? Well, you may have to wait a bit longer. None of the Baker Street Regulars (you) tried your hand at the mystery, so Watson is holding the great detective's answers back. The doctor did agree to provide more help and clues for you, though.
Ray Setzer: I'll Remember You
As another new member of the Pouch family, Ray provides us with more arguments that the "club" (or "classic") style of play is making a comeback.
Pitt Crandlemire: The Big Dipper
Pitt resumes his in-depth look at the various locations on the standard board. His choice this time, though, might surprise you!
Larry Peery: Location, Location, Location...Sold!
A few issues ago, Larry asked his readership to list the most valuable pieces of real estate on the board. Here he presents the responses he recieved, as well as his own opinions.

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