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The Zine

Fall 2019 Movement Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
At the last minute of the last day of the year we rescue the world from the plight of a year without a single Zine issue.
Mario Huys: Cascadia Open 2019
Canada, the final frontier. These are the voyages off the starzine enterprise to discover new worlds and new conventions. To conduct Diplomacy where no bottle of sake has gone before…
Umble The Heep: Is Greece Worth It?
Greece in the opening year is coveted by no less than three powers. Yet it doesn't get nearly the love, hate or attention given to Belgium or even Rumania. It's time to change all that and put a price tag on it.
Manus Hand & Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — The Chain-Links Case
Turmoil in the Calhamer Club! An overdiligent servant has cleared the table of an ongoing game. Luckily Sherlock is there to save the day and the servant's paycheck.
Luiz Neto: Legacy of Versailles
The year is 1939. The world is about to experience another World War unless Diplomats get their act together. The breakup of Poland might still be prevented. Peace in our time? Small chance.
Larry Peery: Book Reviews for Diplomats and Diplomates: Best Books of 2018
If they were the best there was in 2018, they are sure to still be relevant today. History books and biographies in that typical inimitable Larry way. Enjoy!
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing — Operation Warsaw
More fun ahead inside the Russian Empire. But the real gem this time is the reframed Munich puzzle, an instant classic in its own right.
Harold Reynolds: Christmas Carols
A tradition in the Zine history upheld by our master bard and beer lover, Harold Reynolds, a.k.a. Harry the Gamer. Or is he not?
Larry Peery: The Greatest New Year
Larry gets another chance to close off this Zine issue and start the year with a sparkle. Or in his case a giant bottle of Laurent Peerier.

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