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Fall 2018 Movement Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
With the WDC passing this year through Washington DC, the opportunity for some obvious puns is wide open. But behind the laughs hides a drama that we try to capture as faithfully as possible.
Larry Peery: Predictions for the Final Two Top Boards WDC 2018, Washington, D.C.
Before the show started, Larry Peery looked into his crystal ball, and he saw… himself reflected?! Take off those glasses, close both eyes and turn to the inner eye…
Brian Lovelace: My WDC 2018 Experience
We sent out our very own copy editor to report on this year's WDC. What he came back with, was a tale … about himself. Mission Impossible with nearly a hero's ending. After escaping the explosion, Tom Cruise would have jumped into that fire. No doubt.
Amby: Interview with Andrew Goff
The folks over at Australia-based DiplomacyGames got the big scoop: An interview with the WDC 2018 winner and compatriot, Andrew Goff. Yes, matey.
Jorge Zhang: A Brief Study of Vulnerability in Diplomacy
Diplomacy continues to inspire academics and professionals alike. Jorge went in on his own to discover some statistic truths in The Game.
Chris Martin: The Video Academy: A/I & Tempo
Dominating the board with the Austro-Italian alliance illustrates an important point. Lesson 2: Forego the quick stab for rapid development and larger gains.
Luiz Neto: The Livonian Landing
Livonia is Russia's blind spot. Luckily not all tsars turn it a blind eye.
Mario Huys: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat — Solution to "The Stirring Case of the Double French"
An empty map hides many layers and time is pressing. Will Holmes, Watson and their royal client figure out what train to catch? The future of the House of Suwat could be at stake!
Lucas Kruijswijk: Szykman has won
The creator of the DATC (Diplomacy Adjudicator Test Cases) defends the status quo. No need to reopen Pandora's box. Will people never learn?
Luiz Neto: Variant Overview: Canton
With Last Man Standing sojourning on the Canton map, let's take a closer look at its genesis and current popularity.
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing — Operation Munich
The Last Man Standing is being called back home to Germany. Not much time to loiter around in Vietnam or Siberia.
Harold Reynolds: I Need an Ally
Who needs a hero? In Diplomacy what we hunker for is an ally. Especially one with a broad back.
Larry Peery: Estate Sale
Larry Peery has decided to sell off all his Diplomacy-related stuff to the highest bidder. Jump in to grab a piece of the a(u)ction.
The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Feminism and the patriarchy duked it out in a match that crossed over into other publications.

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