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The Zine

Fall 2014 Retreat Issue

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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
We're back! Rising from the grave just in time for Hallowe'en…
Larry Peery: From the Interim Editor
An important message about the future of the Diplomatic Pouch.
Peter-Paul Koch and Larry Peery: Army Smyrna to Syria — Or Should It Be Army Syria to Smyrna?
From Chaldairan to Kobani Syria has always been a hot spot for Dippers — here’s why!
Mario Huys: The Last Theorem of Suwat
Holmes' longtime rival, the Diplomacy-obsessed Sultan of Suwat, has come up with one final conundrum. Can the Great Detective solve it in time to save the vital port of Suwat for the sake of a different Sultan?
Larry Peery: WWI — A Hundred Years Old, and Still With Us
A hundred years later the wounds still hurt.
Graeme Ackland, Mario Huys, and Manus Hand: The Best of Sherlock Holmes
The writers of "Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat" share their favorite mysteries from the series with us. With links, so you can go ahead and try solving them for yourself!
Larry Peery: Diplomacy 1901, A Variant
A simple variant for beginners focuses on learning all the powers’ openings in the same game.
Graeme Ackland, Manus Hand, and Mario Huys: The Communist Manifesto, A Variant
Look out, Romanovs! The workers have nothing to lose but their chains! And a few supply centers…
Larry Peery: International Diplomacy Hall of Fame (IDHOF) Update
A quick update on the progress of a proposal to create a Diplomacy hall of fame!
Stan Johnson: A Hun Having Fun in the Sun
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #68, Stan looks at strategies for the commander of the black pieces.
Larry Peery: Growing the Hobby — Is Meetup the Tool We Need?
The secret to success is having the right tool for the right job, right? Will MeetUp work for us?
Alex Hartl: Russian Spring in Silesia
Russia doesn’t plan to fight Germany in 1901, but it often just seems to happen by 1902. Alex discusses an alternative for the Tsar's consideration…
Larry Peery: The Milano Cookie Variant, Something You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into!
Examines the question, “What if the Cookie Monster were a Diplomacy player?”
Peter McNamara: Upcoming Face-to-Face Diplomacy Events
News of the big upcoming Dip events in Europe, North America, and even Australia!
Larry Peery: Pass In Review
A 50 year old tradition takes on two new movies for Dippers; and talks about BOUNCED and
Baron Powell: In Defense of 1900's France
Some love France. Some hate France. Von Powell stands with the Mules!
Larry Peery: When I Say Milano, You Say Cookies! About WDC 2015 in Milan, Italy
A look at the host city of next year's WDC! Do you have your tickets yet?
Jay Be, Paul Bessemer, and Adam Silverman: Meetup Diplomacy — Layers of Los Angeles, Game #2
FTF Dip and MeetUp join forces in Los Angeles and everybody wins!
Larry Peery: Meetup San Diego Gets Its First Winner
It took 13 hours in two sessions but he finally did it!! Find out who…

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