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The Zine

Fall 2009 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Our contrite Editor apologizes for the lateness of this issue.
Nick Higgins: Ambition & Empire: Austria
In the A&E variant, at four centers Austria is a major player and a frequent early leader. However, the country also has a distressing tendency to stall in the midgame. How can you avoid such a fate as Archduke? Read on…
Edi Birsan: WDC09 in Columbus: TD Lessons and Notes
Edi describes what he learned from his experiences as an assistant Tournament Director at this past June's World DipCon in Columbus, Ohio.
"Airborne": Centrifuge+ : An Opening for 1900
On the tenth (!) anniversary of Clinton Wolf's original article, another author tries to adapt his idea for for use in the 1900 variant. Can it still work?
Peter McNamara: HuskyCon VII Report
Peter had a great time at HuskyCon V, and this year decided to bike all the way from Providence to the hospitable Woodring household for HuskyCon VII. Read all about his adventures here.
Edi Birsan: Bearcon — Russian DipCon I: Tournament Aspects for Tournament Directors
Our esteemed former EDItor looks at the tournament direction choices made for BearCon I, the first Russian Diplomacy Convention he recently attended.
Randy Lawrence-Hurt: Thoughts From the Boston Massacre
Randy tells us how this tournament just keeps getting better every year!
"Airborne": 100 Signs That You're Playing Too Much Diplomacy
Not that we're sure there is such a thing — but if there is, these items (except for #11) are definitely warning signs of it!
Edi Birsan: World Series of Diplomacy: A Site vs Site Series Proposal
There are so many Diplomacy sites out there. Why not have a World Series for the Hobby? Edi has a few ideas on how to proceed…
Ulysses Q Cransworth: How To Win Every Game
The South's answer to Doctor Bismark describes the psychological stages he follows in his path to victory.
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Comments on recent articles, a question about our archiving process, and an announcement about a rules change for a popular variant.

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