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Fall 2007 Retreat Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The usual introduction and notes on the Pouch!
Sebastian Beer: WDC 2008, Part II: Diplomacy in Austria
In the second in our series of articles leading up to WDC 2008, Sebastian tells us about the exciting hobby scene, and what to expect at an Austrian Con!
Sebastian Beer: How Not to Talk at Diplomacy Conventions
This article from Tatz, the German-language online zine, provides some helpful tips on etiquette for WDC 2008! Remember, if your listener is foaming at the mouth, it may be time to change the subject…
Josh Burton: The Statistician: Solo Victories
Where exactly does each Power get its eighteen centers from? In this third article in the Statistician series, Josh provides a fascinating analysis of what solo victories look like.
Steve Coberman: Tactical Decision-Making in No-Press Diplomacy
Steve provides a mathematical and logical approach to making tactical decisions when the pieces on the board are all you have to go by.
David Norman: From the Files of Inspector Clouseau
A new set of tactical puzzles for readers who want to match wits with a detective who is perhaps not quite as skilled as his British counterpart, Holmes!
Tom Easton: Red, Green, and Black: The Central Triple
Another look at the AIG alliance, and why it's worth the time and effort for all three partners to pursue it.
Juan Molina: On To Berlin! Rethinking Russia's Opening Strategy
Russia needs to get Sweden in 1901, but a hostile Germany can prevent it. Here's some advice on how the Tsar can deal with a recalcitrant Kaiser.
Andy Hull: Sticking it to the Man
Andy Hull recounts his adventures at WDC 2007, and the lessons he learned (mostly the hard way…) therefrom.
Edi Birsan: Unusual Alliances: Austrian Fleet Power and Turkish Land Power
Our EDItor Emeritus tells the story of one of the most unusual pairings in his extensive career.
Jonty Klassnik: Applying the Way of the Owl: The Belgian Gambit
Owls player Jonty discusses the merits of a French strategy that focusses on grabbing Belgium before anyone else does, instead of sending everything at Iberia right away.
Jasper Dupuis: The Honest Truth: Italy (Of Triangles, Spheres, and Balance)
All roads lead to Rome! Continuing his series on strategies for the Great Powers, Jasper turns his attention to Italy next. And the geometry of triangles is a surprisingly important factor…
Adam Silverman: Prometheus: Anatomy of a Demo Game
Way back in 2006, Adam got together a group of formidable players for a demonstration PBEM game intended for the Showcase section of the Pouch. Here's his overview of the results!
The Editor: Just Passing Through
There's a new issue of Diplomacy World out; a request to contact Rod Walker; January tournament in Calgary; and the hobby gets a new foothold in old Constantinople!
Frank Mayer: West-East Story
Frank revives a longstanding Pouch tradition: putting new words to famous songs. This time, the FARks and the GETs go at each other.
Bryan Thexton: Behind Enemy Lines
A look at that most valuable of units: the backfield raider.
Dave Simpson: Incoming Again! Reflections of a New Diplomacy Newbie
This time, our new newbie evaluates original newbie Stephen Lepley's six Rules of Engagement for aspiring new players. Does Stephen's advice hit the mark?

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

More letters, including comments from the Renaissance variant designer!

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