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The Zine

Fall 1995 Retreat Issue

The Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Some drivel by the Publisher, leading right into the same old publication, subscription, and contribution information. Go ahead, read it.
The Readership: Pouch Deposits
Corerespondence sent to the Pouch, all wrapped up under even more drivel from the Publisher. Can't shut me up, can you? I'd read this article for sure if I were you. After all, I wrote it.
Stephen Lepley Incoming! Further Reflections from a Newbie
The never-ending saga continues. Continue following one man's descent into the addiction we all know and love.
Jamie Dreier Master Class
Jamie continues his master class analysis of endgames, picking up right where he left off when class was adjourned last issue.
Larry Peery Peeriblah's Potpourri
Larry, a very welcome addition to the Pouch, continues to inundate your favorite magazine with more stuff than I have time to edit. This time, Larry challenges you to list the most important locations on the board.
Matthew Self Who's Playing Internet Diplomacy?
Matthew Self took it upon himself to answer that very question in a number of ways, and he presents here the results of his survey of the various Diplomacy judge's user databases.
Danny Loeb The Combinatorics of Retreats
Danny's latest installment is timely, what with this being the Retreat issue and all. Here, Danny tackles the problem of determining just how many retreats are possible on a single turn and tells how the Bordeaux computer diplomat handles this phase of the game.

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