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The Zine

Winter 2012 Adjustment Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The Zine is back yet again! Could there be a better Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/non-denominational holiday gift? Surely not.
Chris Babcock: The Diplomacy World Cup — Do You Have What It Takes?
Are you ready to represent your country in the sport of Kings? No, not polo — Diplomacy! The third Diplomacy World Cup is about to begin, and Chris challenges you to step up and take part!
Larry Peery: Thoughts on the Diplomacy World Cup
Larry reminisces about his own involvement in the first attempt to create something similar to the Diplomacy World Cup, some two decades and more ago…
Heath Gardner: The View From Switzerland — To Solo, Or Not To Solo? New Feature
Former Pouch Editor (and new Copy Editor) Heath Gardner has a new column! In this (second?) debut, he looks at the issue of soloing when a new player is involved. Do you go for the throat and risk discouraging them? Or is it more important to be generous, and keep them enthusiastic about the game so you can reel them in to the hobby for many more years of crushing stabs (or maybe I'm just reading that motive into it…)?
Arkady English: Mix And Match With Dipnomicy
What happens when seven autocratic Great Powers vote democratically on the rules? You get assassinations, railroads, fleets travelling through inland centers — in a word, you get Dipnomicy!
Martin Moore: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is — An Alternative Scoring System
If you can combine Diplomacy and Nomic, why not Diplomacy and poker? Martin did exactly that with a bunch of seven friends who placed bets on how well they each could do with each Great Power. A fascinating experiment, and the results are right here!
José Prieto: Condotierri — A Site For Playing Machiavelli
Speaking of assassinations, have you played Machiavelli yet? There's now a site devoted explicity to playing this wonderful game online! Get your bribes and knives ready — it's time to unify Renaissance Italy!
Mario Huys: The Devonshire Solution
By Jove! At long last, Mario presents us with a comprehensive solution to the most perplexing puzzle posed in our Fall 2008 Retreat Issue. Absolutely smashing — simply capital. Jolly good show, what!
Edwin Lopez: Friend Diplomacy
Tired of public online games where players don't write, and half the countries end up with players who didn't start with them, because of dropouts? Edwin has a few thoughts on the advantages of playing in private games with friends you already know.
Chris Martin: What Can The NADF Do For You!
Are you a member of the North American Diplomacy Federation yet? Find out more about all the services that this FREE organization provides to fellow Diplomacy enthusiasts. (Did we mention that it's FREE?)
David Norman: A Tale of Two Conventions
David takes a look at two very different conventions with very different styles, and the importance of Managing Stakeholder Expectations.
Pete Clark: And the Winner Is…
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #60, Pete analyzes some statistics that track how the different Great Powers perform from game year to game year.
Dash Yeatts-Lonske: The Finnish Filibuster
Is a haughty Englishman casting covetous eyes on the Russian North? Try this approach to slow down his attack — and stop it altogether!
Daryl Davis: Pearls of Wisdom
Daryl has a list of tenets for you to keep in mind in your next game. Number one: you will get stabbed…
Larry Peery: The Royals Visit San Diego, and Vice-Versa
In this year of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, Larry muses on the connections between San Diego and the Windsors, the only Great Power monarchy to survive to the present day. Did Larry's ancestor introduce Edward VIII to Mrs Simpson? Or am I just making that up to pique your interest? Read on to find out!
Joel Finkle: The Enemy is OK — PBEM Conversation Strategies
Joel warns us of the two letters of the alphabet most to be feared when you receive them in press: "O" and "K". Read on to find out why.
Martin Asal: No Press Tournaments on the DEUS Judge
Martin invites you to play in his annual no press tournament on DEUS.
Martin Asal: An Obituary for Dietmar Kulsch
A much deserved tribute to the life of Dietmar Kulsch.
Kestas Kuliukas: webDiplomacy - 9 Years and 100,000 Games
Kestas invites us to celebrate the past of Internet Diplomacy by participating in its future.

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