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The Zine

Spring 2008 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
A look forward to the coming year — including WDC 08 in Vienna, and the Pouch's upcoming fiftieth issue!!!
Sebastian Beer: WDC 2008, Part III: Diplomacy at WDC 2008
In the third in our series of articles leading up to WDC 2008, Sebastian gives us the lowdown on what to expect at this year's WDC. Did we mention that it's being held in a real castle?
Chris Dziedzic: PBEM Communities in 2007, A Year in Review
Chris looks back at the growth of three leading PBEM communities last year.
Rohan Keane: The Spider in the Corner
Rohan discusses strategies for one of his favorite Powers: ever resilient, patient, devious Turkey! Learn how this spider in the corner can avoid getting squished…
Alan Mennel: The 1898 Variant, or By 1900 It Might Be Over
The maintainer of Dipsters and Diplomacy introduces the variant chosen for their Variant Tournament this year. Just how does it affect the game when you start with only one supply center?
The Editor: Just Passing Through
There's a new Diplomacy set out! Also, we have results from the Stratagem Tournament, and the web site for HuskyCon VI in August.
Arthur Bismark: Bismark Lecture I: Death, Destruction, and the Decline of Western Civilization
In this first of a series written by an anonymous Australian author in the eighties, the wise Doctor explains which of his paranoid-schizophrenic patients are suited for this game — all of them.
Charles Roburn: Divisions and Dreadnoughts: A Look at the Role of Sea Power in Diplomacy
The balance between land power and sea power is one of the central strategic factors in Diplomacy. How do land and sea forces affect each of the Great Powers?
Dave Simpson: INCOMING 2008, OUTGOING 2007 — A Dip noob's year of Diplomacy
It's amazing how time flies! Our new newbie is back, this time with a review of his experiences over the past year. See what he's learned so far.
Chris Dziedzic: 1900: The Franco-Italian Alliance
There's a lot of natural friction between France and Italy in the 1900 variant, and they often come to blows. Join Chris in an exploration of all the reasons why it may be better for them to work together.
Millis Miller: On a Wing and a Prayer
We're all familiar with fleets and armies, but variants often introduce new types of units. In this article, Millis looks at the versatility of the Modern variant's Wing unit type, and what makes them so useful.
Jeremy Edwards: Applying the Way of the Owl: The Art of Communication
Discussions of Diplomacy tactics usually focus on units; but you can also employ negotiation tactics to improve your game! Owls Black Belt Jeremy Edwards examines different approaches, and how they helped him in the Owls series.
Baron Powell: Refining the Juggernaut, Part I
The Russo-Turkish alliance is one of the most feared pairings on the board. However, is it truly as formidable as its reputation suggests? In this first of two parts, Baron examines some oft-ignored downsides to the RT.
Edi Birsan: Mentor Notes
Some time ago, Edi wrote a series of articles for Paradox in support of their (then) new computer edition of Diplomacy. With the company's kind permission, we've compiled and reprinted them here.

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Controversy abounds! A prominent hobbyist takes issue with our last Frontline column.

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