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Spring 2007 Retreat Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Our departing Editor introduces the incoming one!
Matt Shields: Diplomacy in Vancouver: WDC XVII
Matt Shields tells you everything you wanted to know about WDC 2007, and weren't afraid to ask.
Charles Roburn: Vancouver in Diplomacy
Charles addresses the vital question about WDC's host city this year: does it deserve to be counted as a supply center?
Edi Birsan: Tournament Diplomacy Player Guide
Our revered former EDItor — one of the hobby's most experienced players — provides a long-awaited guide on how to get through a Diplomacy tournament, and live to tell the tale!
Adam Silverman: What Players Want: Motivating Factors in Diplomacy
Adam has a closer look at the many different reasons why people play at different stages of the game, and how it can help you if you understand what they're really after.
Josh Burton: The Statistician: Supply Centers in 1901 and 1902
Should Germany bounce Russia out of Sweden? Who gains the most from getting Belgium first? What should you do at all those other hotspots across the map? Statistical analysis provides the answers!
Thorin Munro: Applying the Way of the Owl: The Grief Process
Thorin Munro continues his column, this time discussing how to handle the shock and disappointment when your former ally slips that knife in…
Paul Windsor: My Weekend at CODCON
He's back! After a few years away, Paul Windsor jumps right back into the fray by trying his luck at Chicago's CODCON. Find out how he fared.
Chris Dziedzic: PBEM Communities in 2006: the Year in Review
Chris looks at the breakdown of e-mail games played through some of his favorite PBEM communities in 2006.
The Editor: Just Passing Through
We salute the return of an old friend, and remind you of cons that are coming up in August.
James Kendall: Revolutionary Diplomacy
Ever found yourself in the position of dealing with a replacement? Of being a replacement? James suggests ways to take advantage of your new start. Viva la Revolucion!
The Editor: Hobby Help Wanted
What have YOU done for the Pouch? Also, WDC is just a month and a half away… this is your last chance to help out!
Charles Roburn: First Games
The new Editor reminisces about his own introduction to the hobby, and how it brought him to where he is now — responsible for getting F2007M out on time!
B.M. Powell: 1900: Russia
Baron's chapter-by-chapter look at the 1900 variant continues! In this article he looks at the design of Russia in 1900, and how he had to fine-tune the country's power carefully to keep it from being too strong or too weak.
Frank Mayer: Overheard at the Ministry of Finance
Frank reprises his series on the Payola variant, this time introducing a simple reasoning tool that can help you determine your bidding tactics.
Chris Dziedzic: Tripolitania in 1900: The Keystone to North Africa
In the 1900 variant, Northern Africa is a potential hotbed of activity throughout the game. Find out more about the fascinating dynamics surrounding the Supply Center in the middle of it all.
Charles Roburn: Variant Overview: Milan
Italy usually ends up at the bottom of the Diplomacy heap. This variant tries to change that, with just a few simple modifications to the standard map…

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

The letters keep trickling pouring in! Find out what our readers had to say.

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