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The Zine

Spring 2007 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Dr. Nick voice: "Hi, everybody!"
The Editor: Just Passing Through
This issue's JPT theme: cons, cons and more cons!
Thorin Munro: Applying the Way of the Owl: On Lying New Feature
Thorin Munro, who runs the "owls" series of games on the DPJudge, has applied aspects of Frank Rivers' Book The Way of the Owl: Succeeding with Integrity to the game of Diplomacy. Here he looks at the use of deceptive tactics in the Game.
Alan Mennel: Dipsters and Diplomacy Direct
Alan Mennel introduces his two groups for timely and dedicated players.
Charles Roburn: On Your Mark, Get Set...
Charles Roburn's extremely informative guide for new or new-ish Diplomacy players.
The Editor: Hobby Help Wanted
The Pouch Needs You!
Edi Birsan: The First Game(s) New Feature
Hobby legend Edi Birsan tells us the tale of his introduction into the Diplomacy hobby to christen our new "First Game" feature.
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat: The Case of the Witches' Endgame
David Norman, Master Aenigmatist, and Charles Roburn, Master Transcriptionist, team up to bring us this mystery.
B.M. Powell: 1900: Italy
That's right, folks! We've convinced Baron to finish out the Gamer's Guide to 1900 series, which started back in 2002! In this article he looks at playing Italy in 1900, and throws in some useful observations about playing Italy in Standard Diplomacy to boot. (An accidental pun, but one I've decided to keep...)
Andy Hull: So You Want To Be A B.A.D.Ass.?
Andy Hull provides the story of his first few games with the feared Bay Area Diplomacy Association. My favorite highlight: Lepanto creator Edi Birsan literally phoning it in as Italy ;)
Chris Dziedzic: Running Variant Tournaments
Chris brings us a conversation with Michael Boutot, David Cohen, and Chris McInerney, all of whom have previously run variant tournaments.
Heath Gardner: The Making of a Diplomacy Addict
I relate the strange and tragic story of becoming a Diplomacy hobbyist at the age of fourteen, one long decade ago. Featuring Edi Birsan as the wise old-timer who arrives just in the nick of time to offer words of encouragement.
Chris Dziedzic: Thoughts on Russia in 1900
The variant fun continues as Chris takes a historical-analytical look at playing Russia in 1900, and discusses the new Russian Emergency Measures Rule update's impact on play.
Charles Roburn: Variant Overview: Renaissance New Feature
Diplomacy in the era of Machiavelli: it's nasty, brutish and short — but fun!

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Good ol' Pouch Deposits, just like Manus used to make.

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