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The Zine

Spring 2006 Retreat Issue

Edi Birsan: About The Diplomatic Pouch
So glad that you asked, this is what we will admit to so far...
W. Nahri: Machiavelli Money Management
Before there was Dollar Diplomacy, there was the story of the Duke and his Ducats.
The Editor: Team Diplomacy in a Tournament
Everything you wanted to ask about a winning team tournament and did not want anyone else to know the answers to!
Dziedzic: Another 1900 article
If William Tell knew about the 1900 Variant boy would he be ticked off.
Giovanni Cesarini: Italian Diplomacy
Continuing our round up of national hobby reviews we move to Southern Europe.
Edi Birsan: Caesar Opening
Tired of the Gaul of Those People... so was Caeser who inspired this kill the French opening.
Editor: Top Board
Ever wonder what those folks on the Top Board are thinking about? We asked for you.
Edi Birsan: Diplomacy Bumper Stickers
Tired of the same ole same ole on the car... imagine some of these...
Editor: Help Wanted
You may beat the salary, but these jobs have real hobby benefits like support into Belgium, well maybe support but shouldn't you support us first???
Editor: Just Passing Through
As fast as a speeding Austrian Fleet into Venice, here are some quick shots...
Jasper Dupuis The Honest Truth
A Cossack, a Russian and a Tartar walk into a Moscow bar...
Toby Harris Diplomacy Puzzle
Puzzle me This: "There was Toby staring at the board and the pieces what the hell do I do?"
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
We do still manage to get the occasional correspondence, read it here!

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