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Spring 2006 Movement Issue

Millis Miller: About The Diplomatic Pouch
After another long pause we're back, with more content than many an issue. Read here to see what the changes have happened, and will happen.
Edi Birsan: Discussion on the Achievement of Solos
An exerpt from a discussion on the Bay Area Diplomacy Associations (B.A.D.asses) list server about how best to go and get that solo.
Edi Birsan: Casus Foederis
An introduction to the Casus Foederis website.
Julian Ziesing: Das German Language Hobby
Straight from the perils of running WDC XXVI, Julain Ziesing gives an insight to the German hobby, for those not aware.
Gabriel Lecointre: Overview of the French Language Communities
Not to be outdone, we also have this issue a contribution from our Francophone hobby members, this one listing the main internet site for those interested in playing and reading about the Great Game in French.
Ole Richard Tuft: Defending England
For those of you fed up with always landing England and being an early vicitm, here's the ideal article to make yourself a much less attractive meal for your hungry neighgbours!
Edi Birsan: FTF Tournament Database
Information here about a new global database to track everyones performance statistics in every recognised FtF game worldwide!
Edi Birsan: Hobby Help Wanted New Feature
A new regular feature, this section will list 'help wanted' areas of the Hobby, starting off with the DipPouch Zine itself!
Editor: Just Passing Through New Feature
Another new addition to the Pouch, this section will list small new bites of news that are of interest to the Hobby, but don't qualify as full articles in their own right
Dorian Love: First Strike
A new Diplomacy tournament in a South African High School.
Edi Birsan: Kubla Con 2006
A report on Kubla Con 2006, held San Francisco - Hyatt Airport May 27-28, 2006
Dorian Love: The World Cup of Diplomacy
Launch of a new organisation to promote national teams to play for the Diploamcy World Cup!
Edi Birsan: Team Diplomacy
All too often, the Team Round at Diplomacy Championships is ignored by all but the best players. Edi Birsan come up with a new concept to try to breath life into the idea, and get all players involved.
Jim O’Kelley: Where There’s a Weasel, There’s a Way In Chicago
Jim O'Kelly tells of his experiences in trying to find felow Diplomacy players in the Chicago area.
Jim Burgess: Postal Diplomacy Update
Jim-Bob reports on the current Postal Diplomacy scene, which, although having seen games fall in recent years, is still very much going strong.
Edi Birsan The Roles of Artificial Intelligence
An exposé of current thinking by Edi Birsan of Artificial Intelligence in Diplomacy.
Yann Clouet: Three Sites
Three useful new(ish) sites for the Internet Diplomacy player.
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Again, even after a long hiatus, still we are a bit short on letters from you all. Nevertheless, we do get some, so here they are with our replies to them!

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