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The Zine

Spring 2001 Movement Issue

Guest Editor Matt Shields: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Matt introduces the readers to yet another issue of the Diplomatic Pouch.

Karlis Povisils & Glenn Ledder: Stable Two-Way Draws in Standard Diplomacy
Two of The Game's most successful email Diplomacy players share some of their insight on how to pull off the elusive two-way draw!

David Cohen: Model House Rules for Non-Judge Email Diplomacy
An alarmingly pertinent article; David introduces us to his system for how games should be run.

Yarden Livnat: The Orient Express
Looking to try something new with the Austrian/Italian alliance? Yarden tells you about the opening that almost made him the North American Champion!

Larry Peery: Obituary
Larry recalls hobby legend Robert Sacks.

Simon Szykman: The Diplomacy Boardgame Compendium and Gallery
Simon walks us through his gallery of the various editions of The Game.

J.T. Fest: Reflections of a Born-Again Diplomacy Player.
A bit of a testimonial, if you will; Jerry tells us what's it's like to come back to the game after an extended absence.

Larry Peery: The Tenth World Diplomacy Championship
We know it's overdue, but nonetheless, we're pleased to offer you Larry's review of last August's World Championships in Baltimore.

Larry Peery: The Eleventh World Diplomacy Championship
And while we're on the subject, Larry has a few thoughts about what to expect in Paris this summer!

Spencer Bernard: Play Diplomacy the Jedi Way
....If you only knew the power of the Dark Side.....

Don Hessong: Introducing "The Ancient Mediterranean"
Don would like to introduce you to his newest creation. The Ancient Mediterranean Diplomacy variant.

Don Hessong: The Strategies of the Ancient Mediterranean
And now that you've been properly introduced, Don gives new players some basic strategy tips.

Matt Shields: Box Scores
A quick recap of the Diplomacy tournaments since our last issue.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Once again, we had a good collection of letters come in to the Pouch. Enclosed is a selection that we thought were worth reading.

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