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The Zine

Spring 2000 Movement Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Guest Editor Matt Shields introduces you to another issue of the Pouch.

Brandon Clarke: Playing the Bigger Picture
Brandon comes back after last month's superhuman effort with a good look at what it takes to see the big picture and the bigger picture in Diplomacy. (We figured that after putting things together so well last month, Brandon ought get top billing this time around!)

Matt Shields: Metagaming!
In Matt's first Pouch article, he follows up on Brandon Clarke's atricle on the Bismark cup, with an editorial of his own defending the practice of metagaming.

Edi Birsan: Hidden Scoring Systems
Speaking of tournaments, Edi Gives us a little history lesson on tournament scoring systems, and the merits and pitfalls of secret scoring systems.

Chris Martin: Martin On Diplomacy: Five Highpoints of Diplomacy
In his second article in the series, Chris dishes out some free advice for those of us who aspire to improve our play.

David Hertzman: Attributes of a Top Player
David gives us some insights he's picked up from GMing a series of games for expert players.

Eric Pederson: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
Still haven't solved The Case of the Lethal Alliance? Watson takes us the rest of the way through the solution.

Jody McCullough: About the 1898 Variant, Part I
Jody begins his series by giving us an introduction to the 1898 variant.

Bruce Duewer: Machiavelli -- Tactical Toys for Young Tyrants
In his fourth article in his series on the Machiavelli variant, Bruce talks about special units.

Paul Windsor: The New World Order
Paul talks to us about breaking our bad habits, and reminds us that Diplomacy is One against Six.

Hanz Johansson: How to Lie to Your Opponents
So how good are you at lying to your opponents? Hanz has some helpful suggestings for making your lies work better for you.

Matt Simpson: The Alpine Doubleback
What would an issue of the Pouch be without a new opening to talk about? Matt provides us with some new thoughts for opening as Italy.

Charles Steinhardt: The Turkish Hedgehog
And why settle for one article on openings, when you can have two? Charles takes us through his ideas for opening as Turkey.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Mail has come in from all directions after the last issue. Here are some thoughts from the readers.

Edi Birsan: Stop the Presses
A couple of press releases from The Diplomatic Corps.

Theo Kermanidis: Anagrams
So how much time do you spend thinking about your preference list? Not as much time as Theo does! Take a look at his suggestions for preference lists that just might be a little easier to remember!

Brandon Clarke: You've Been Dueled...
Brandon provides us with some evidence of why he's not yet quit his day job and signed that big record contract!

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