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Fall 2013 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Welcome to this issue of the Pouch! Yep, another new issue, just in time for the beginning of the school year…
Paul Windsor: What the Government Taught Me About Lying
He's back! Paul tells us about how the government taught him to detect lies, and explains how you may be able to use that knowledge in Diplomacy.
Sergio Lidsell: State of the Art of the State New Feature
In this introduction, Sergio kicks off a new series of articles on the popular Machiavelli variant. Do you have what it takes to unify Italy?
Bruce Duewer & Sergio Lidsell: One GM to Rule Them All New Feature
First things first. Before you can play Machiavelli, you have to understand the rules. But there are several versions — so which should be considered official? Bruce and Sergio try to remove any confusion.
Chris Babcock: The Third Diplomacy World Cup
Oyez, oyez! The Diplomacy World Cup is back for the third time! Be sure to sign up for this exciting solo-centric tournament. Here's how…
Mario Huys: Unraveling Moriarty
Mario provides us with further insight into the warped yet brilliant mind of the infamous Professor.
John Quarto-vonTivadar: How Did It Get So Late So Soon?
Failing to send your orders in by the deadline obviously has a negative effect on the game. When it's a one-time lapse, that's one thing; but a repeat offender is another!
Herman M Medeiros: Europe 1615, A Prelude To War
In 1615, Europe was only three years away from the bloody sectarian violence of the Thirty Years' War. This new five-player variant explores that period. Sign up for the playtest!
Larry Peery: Beta Masters Rule
Larry tells us about his experiences in the last test game to take place before the launch of the latest World Diplomacy Cup.
Mario Huys: A Modern Look at 'The Troubles'
The Modern variant is supposed to represent Europe as it was in 1995; but there's a significant anomaly in its map of Ireland. Mario discusses a proposal on how to correct this oversight, and examines the impact these adjustments may have on the Britain-France-Spain triangle. Also, he needs playtesters!
Stan Johnson: A Draw Is Not A Win
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #63, Stan expresses his disdain for those players who decide from the beginning to play for a draw rather than their own solo. Down with carebears!
David Hood: Is the Kingmaker Tactic Okay?
In this second article on game ethics from Diplomacy World #63, David asks whether it's ever acceptable for one player to help another achieve a solo — and if so, under what circumstances?
Larry Peery: What's Going On In Korea, Anyway?
Larry muses on disparate topics: Korea, psychological profiling, coercive diplomacy, personal diplomacy, endgames, and Paris.

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