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Fall 2003 Movement Issue

Editor Edward Hawthorne:  About The Diplomatic Pouch
It's here! The longest-running Diplomacy tournament in the world happens this Fall Issue.

Jon Ashman & Sergio Lidsell:  Disaster Probabilities in Machiavelli
If calamity and misfortune strike your fancy, you might want to pour yourself over these cold, hard numbers.

Edi Birsan:  The DipCon Story
In the beginning, there was darkness and void, but DipCon changed everything.

Edi Birsan:  North American Face to Face Tournament Scoring Systems
The following is a summary of the North American systems which seems to establish that there is no uniform anything or consistency in methodology or administration....

David E. Cohen:  Death at the Calhamer Club
Dr. Watson discovers the solution is not as it appears. Holmes points out a new layer of clues as suspects are brought to the Calhamer Club.

Brian Hennessy:  The Uber-Juggernaut
The West may avoid the Juggernaut, but they risk giving birth to something much more insidious.

Theo Kermanidis:  The Great Diplomacy Article Search
On the heels of the Special Edition Issue, Theo stumbles across an interesting discovery in the middle of the night.

Millis Miller:  Judge Email Privacy
In an age of SPAM and email viruses, how can anyone play Dip with any sense of security? Here's one possible solution.

Eric Mitchell:  The Rationale Behind A Common Diplomacy Notation
Need to sink your teeth into something a little more technical? Eric weighs in on a common diplomacy notation format for archiving games of diplomacy for analysis, preservation, and archival.

David Norman:  The Diplomacy AI Development Environment (DAIDE) Project
News of a project to get computers playing Diplomacy against each other - and maybe one day they'll be good enough to play against us too.

David Norman:  The Real Time Diplomacy Hobby
Newly available software means you can now play a complete game of NoPress Diplomacy across the Internet in 2-3 hours.

Steve Ray:  Good Players Make the Best Allies
Mister Ray returns to the Pouch hoping to prove why, "Good Players Make the Best Allies." See if you agree.

Matt Shields:  Box Scores
Over halfway through the year and the Grand Prix races remain undecided.

World DipCon XIII Report:  A Collection of Reports from Denver, Colorado and beyond.
  • Buz Eddy:  2003 WDC
  • Larry Peery:  WORLD DIPCON XIII: A Real Rocky Mountain High!
  • Eric Dexheimer:  Double Cross Words

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