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The Zine

Fall 1997 Movement Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
As is unbreakable tradition, this issue starts out with a few tidbits of Pouch-related hobby news.

Leif Bergman: Go Fasta Go Fasta Go Fasta
Leif likes to play Italy. And after you read this article, with strategy tips and a plan for winning, you just might too.

Brandon Clarke: The Auckland Diplomacy Club
Brandon regales us with the story of the founding of the ADC. Read about the first Kiwi gathering, including an interesting opening analysis.

Rick Desper: Report From AvalonCon
If you missed this year's AvalonCon, read Rick Desper's account, the first of two articles on the convention to be found in this issue.

Charles Carroll: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Diplomat
Holmes and Watson return to explain last issue's "Mirrored Openings" conundrum.

Jared Flesher: Baby Steps
Jared writes about that moment we all share and cherish -- the first introduction to The Game.

Scott Kauzlarich: Pins and Magnets
Ever have a problem visualizing your PBEM games? Read what Scott and company did about it.

Mike Lease: The Ethics of Playing a Mercy Position
In taking over a mercy position, you're usually doing the other players a favor. But can you also be doing them an injustice? Mike contends that you can, and he discusses some responsibilities that mercy position players should keep in mind.

Manus Hand: World DipCon VII
Your Publisher relives his experiences at Goteborg for you. Step into my shoes and trod the kingdom of Sweden for a week. From the Baltic to the Skagerrak, I wrote about it all -- it's enough to bore even the most loyal reader. (Well, Simon wasn't bored when I asked him to proofread it, so let's say even the second most loyal reader.)

Simon Szykman: Arpiesse Diplomacy
YAUDV (Yet Another Useless Diplomacy Variant). Will it work or will it break? If you can figure that out, let us know!

Frank Mayer: Overheard at the Ministry of Finance
Discussing the relative values of supply centers in Payola Diplomacy leads Frank to some basic differences in play from power to power and player to player. Though geared toward Payola Diplomacy, much of what Frank has to offer is also valuable food for thought for non-Payola players.

Derek McLachlin: Wielding Too Much Power
Derek explores for us the dreaded "Early Leader Syndrome." Learn by example how to avoid or take advantage of it.

Maarten Oosten: The William and Mary Opening
If you are in a Franco-German alliance just itching to get rid of that pesky England, but the Sealion opening described in the S1997M issue of the Zine doesn't grab you, check this one out.

Dan Shoham: The Diplomacy Academy
Journey with Dan back to his PBEM roots, as this issue he presents us with the very first e-mail game he played.

Larry Peery's Xenogogic: Seven Embassies for Seven Dippers
Wonder what your game alter ego is doing nowadays? Larry, the hobby's prolific ambassador without portfolio, is the man to point you in the right direction.

Tim Richardson: The Unkindest Cut of All
Tim launches his new article series, an in-depth exploration of that one thing we all love to hate (and love to perform): the stab.

Vincent Mous: The Pole Position -- Poland in the Modern Variant
Vince continues his popular series of articles on the Modern variant, this time picking apart the Polish player's position and policies.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Take a break from all these great articles to read the letters. This time around, they're few but varied. Maybe not something for everyone, but probably something for you.

Ray Setzer: AvalonCon Musings
See the recent AvalonCon through the eyes of Ray Setzer, recipient of one of the tournament awards!

Larry Peery: The Doctor of Diplomacy Program
Moving the hobby toward the GrandMaster type of rankings that chess has, Larry details for us the "Doctor of Diplomacy" program, open to those of high hobby accomplishment.

Graeme Ackland: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Diplomat
The Great Detective makes his second appearance in this issue! This time, he and the faithful Watson confound us with a brand new puzzle, "The Case of the Remaining Border."

Greg Dingle: Strategy for Colonial Diplomacy
If you're new to Colonial Diplomacy (or even if you're not), it's sometimes a bit difficult to know how to open and who to talk to about what. Let Tom shed some light into that darkness and point you in the right direction.

Larry Peery: You Are What You Eat
For dessert, a survey...about dessert. What does food have to do with Diplomacy, you ask? Help Larry find a connection.

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