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The Zine

Fall 1996 Movement Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Here is the article everyone looks so much forward to -- the article where your publisher always goes off and talks about himself. Go ahead, indulge me.
The Whole Gang: World DipCon Special!
World DipCon VI, held in Columbus, Ohio earlier this year, was a rousing success and a good time was had by all. But that's just the quick summary. For complete details, check out the assortment of supporting evidence (both text and photographs) offered here!
The Big Dipper: Report from the Champ!
In addition to the many other reports on World DipCon, Pitt's regular column this issue puts you right into the action. Share the heat of the battle with him on his successful drive for the Cup!
Mark Nelson: Opening Survey
In his role as Openings Custodian, Mark continues the 1995 report which he began last issue. Find out all about Austrian and Turkish opening trends in the installments offered in this issue.
Jamie Dreier: Playing Against the Average Player
Jamie, our professor, provides the results of the class exercise he assigned in a previous issue. The task was to offer moves for each of three powers in a specific situation, and let majority rule decide what the "average" player would do, and what would happen on the board. Check out the interesting results!
Nic Chilton: Diplomacy 2000
Diplomacy meets Virtual Reality. Nic reports on this latest and up-and-coming forum for game play.
The Publisher and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Did you send in anything for the Pouch Deposits? If so, see your name in lights! If not, see other people's name in lights. In either case, see what we want to talk about next time, and drop something in the Pouch.
Schwarz et al.: Hundred: A Three Player Variant
With companion pieces by Eric Coffey and Charlie Eldred, Andy offers the first full-length treatment of the wildly successful Hundred variant, which provides all the benefits of the standard game in a quick, three-player setting.
Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
The waiting is over. The Great Detective reveals his solution to the Search for the Venison Camper.
Geoff Bache: Heptartchy: Britain at War
Geoff presents a new seven-player variant played, in its entirety, on the British Isles. With a well thought-out map and some good playtesting, Geoff lays out not only the particulars of the game but also some openings ideas.
Dan Shoham: The Diplomacy Academy
Dan calls our attention this time to the game "vanier," in a good study of the three-way draw dynamic.
Vincent Mous: The Fifth Republic: France in the Modern Variant
Vince heads to Paris this time around for a look at French openings and playability in the Modern variant.
Stephen Lepley: Outgoing! Final Reflections of a Diplomacy Veteran
The Pouch says goodbye to its single most constant contributor with this, Stephen's final installment of his "Incoming!" series. I made the promise to him when he announced his retirement from these pages that The Pouch would officially graduate him from newbie status, and it is with pleasure and pride that I do so. Farewell, Stephen. We hope to see you again.

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