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Winter 2008 Adjustment Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
A quick introduction to this, our last issue of the year. (And, of course, a plea for more article submissions!)
Mark Berch: Edinburgh vs. Yorkshire: The French Connection
As England, why send your army to Edinburgh? To prepare an attack on France, of course!
Arthur Bismark: Bismark Lecture IV: The Art of Dying
In this fourth article of the Bismark series, the Doctor takes Dylan Thomas' poem to heart. "Do not go gentle into that good night / Keep Diploming — fight, fight, fight!" (Well, okay, so maybe that isn't an exact quote… )
Edi Birsan: Style of Country Award Prizes
Ever wanted to have a lobster or viking on your shelf? Our revered former EDItor tells us how the idea of having tournament Best Country Awards got started, and recommends suitable trophies to use for them.
Will Black: Let Me Give You All My Centers: A Report on DON 2008
A participant from this year's DON tournament in Melbourne, Australia, tells the story of how he managed to lose at least one home center in all of his games. But he still had fun (we think), and that's what it's really about, right?
Melinda Ann Holley: Germany
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #52, well-known hobbyist Melinda Holley discusses the options and challenges facing Germany.
Randy Lawrence-Hurt: On The Social Disadvantages of Playing Diplomacy
Randy seems worried that playing our favorite game has skewed his outlook on real life. Has it? He seems perfectly normal to me… but go ahead and judge for yourself.
Edi Birsan: How to Teach Diplomacy
In another in his series of tutorials, Edi explains how you can rope in new victims hobby enthusiasts using the scripts published in previous issues of the Pouch.
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Observations on recent articles, a list of Edi's nicknames from the seventies, and an announcement of Philip Murphy's new Zine, Th' Edge of Th' Abyss. Be sure to check it out!

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