by Larry Peery
Information provided by Giuseppe Salerno, Davide Cleopadre, and Toby Harris

At least three people: Toby Harris, Cyrille Sevin and Edi Birsan should recognize this Convention Results format — it’s the same one I used in my report for the Spring 1997 issue of The Diplomatic Pouch.

This year’s WDC in Milan was fairly traditional in format with five scored rounds (with a player’s lowest score being discarded), a Top Board table in the last round, a single round Team event, and special prizes for the Best Countries and various accomplishments (decided by vote of the players). Rather than the Diplo-C scoring system, the organizers came up with their own unique scoring system that penalized players for eliminating other players (according to Edi Birsan, who should know!). They still used the arbitrary 1907 End of Game feature that is popular in Europe.

For the complete results, photos and commentaries check out the Facebook WDC 2015 site.

This year’s event included a respectable 43 players from 12 countries including: Italy (17), United Kingdom (5), France (5), USA (4), Netherlands (4), Australia (2), Russia (1), Belgium (1), Germany 1), Switzerland (1), Albania (1) and China (1).

There were three first-timers participating: Fang Zhang, Gianmarco di Lella and Hans Christian Reichardt.

Team Tournament

Only the top four teams are listed:

Team NameTeam ScoresTeam Total
1. Doc Doc GooseMcNamara, 197
Simpson, 160
Goff, 105
2. PouteamSahuguet, 211
Lebedev, 105
Delattre, 40
3. Maggic TeamBirsan, 109
Haver, 149.2
Maggi, 29
4. The Twelve Eyed MonsterWigglesworth, 82.2
Andrioli, 76.4
Sanchez, 94

Individual Tournament

PlayerNationalityRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Total
1. Toby HarrisUK86.8213.8138.811.4172.8612.2
2. Ruben SanchezFR203.8202.69458.223.04558.6
3. Thomas HaverUSA116.220.6149.2113119.76498.16
4. Alex LebedevRU6.2149.4105116.285.44456.04
5. Daniel LesterUK2116.6134197448.6
6. Cyrille SevinFR164.287.8110960.48421.48
7. Peter McNamaraAU8811319721.81.2419.8
8. Dave SimpsonUK16.61160202.623.04402.24
9. Giovanni Cesarini IT143.82920170.643386.4
10. Conrad WoodringUSA1107.476160.623.4367.4
11. Andrew GoffAU31107.410542.6107.4362.4
12. Nicholas SahuguetFR71.223.421136.26.6341.8
13. Gwen MaggiIT87.426.229188.220333.6
14. Rene Van RooijenNL2517.85787.8160329.8
15. Luca PardiniIT10576.63440101.8323.4
16. Frank OosteromNL0019154115288
17. Matteo AnfossiIT6171111.4143.8287.2
18. Curzio FacoettiIT36.2143.8252976.6285.6
19. Edi BirsanUSA36.25710981.631.8283.8
20.Millis MillerUK43143.845.26.248.6280.6
21. David WigglesworthUK58.237.482.2182.2260
22. David MaetskyUSA14431.876.46.61258.8
23. Marco FerrariIT20202252149.4 243.4
24. Philipp Weissert NL19.293.412.276.648.6237.8
25 Bernard AndrioliNL6.24376.431.876227.2
26. Francesco ConteIT76.61295762.6225.2
27. Jean Louis DelattreBE107.420.640034202
28. Giuseppe SalernoIT20204036.287.8184
29. Marco Noseda PedraglioIT14350.4761170.4
30. Luca PazzagliaIT36.276.6136.220169
31. Gianmarco Di LellaIT36.217.8174.6 34162.6
32. Marcelo CiancioIT45.226.212046137.4
33. Laurent JolyFR031.867200118.8
34. Davide CleopadreIT137.41931.820108.2
35. Dirk Bruggemann GER20.66.6.2020.620.681.8
36. Fang ZhangPRC1926.2023.4169.6
37.Yann ClouetFR05700057
38. Dionis HoxhaAL43000043
39. Alberto CapponiIT19.22011141.2
40. Filippo LucchiniIT002020040
41. Christian ReichardtSU0019.21121.2
42. Riccardo CastellaniIT00200020
43. Massimo IrettiIT110002

The Top Board in Round Five

Name Great Power 1 2 3 4 Rank Total
Alex Lebedev Austria 05-6 06-8 07-7 08-7 3rd 85.44
Toby Harris England 05-7 06-7 07-9 08-10 1st 172.8
Dave Simpson France 05-3 06-1 07-1 08-1 6th 23.04
Cyrille Sevin Germany 05-7 06-7 07-7 08-7 4th 60.48
Ruben Sanchez Italy 05-4 06-5 07-2 08-1 5th 23.04
Peter McNamara Russia 05-1 06-0     7th 1.2
Thomas Haver Turkey 05-6 06-6 07-8 08-8 2nd 119.76

Special Prizes

Machiavelli Prize (Best Diplomat)Toby Harris
Calhamer PrizeConrad Woodring
Nelson PrizeDavid Wigglesworth, Millis Miller
Caesar PrizeAndrew Goff
HoudiniEdi Birsan
ThemistoklesGianmarco Di Lella
“WDC 3 * Winner Prize”an attendance medallion only

Best AustriaPeter McNamara(R3T4)197
Best EnglandToby Harris(R2T3)213.8
Best FranceDaniel Lester(R1T3)211
Best GermanyRuben Sanchez(R1T2)203.8
Best ItalyThomas Haver(R4T2)113
Best RussiaGwen Maggi(R4T5)188.2
Best TurkeyRuben Sanchez(R2T5)202.6

The prizes and awards were presented on Sunday afternoon following the end of play. The hosting organizers came up with some very nice prizes and awards and, it seems from participants’ comments , found that “sweet spot” that combines a perfect mix of gaming and socializing. Certainly they’ve set the bar high for future WDCs.

Larry Peery

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