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Spring 2004 Movement Issue

Scott Webster & Randy Lawrence: About The Diplomatic Pouch

We are back! Hopefully we will not have to use the SET ABSENCE command again!

David E Cohen: Design of a Variant: Maharajah's Diplomacy, Part III

David explains some of the changes, additions, removals, extras, etc., he's made to his Maharajah variant. A must-read for any fan of this brilliant design.

Randy Lawrence-Hurt: Is IT Broken?

Randy, co-editor of the 'Zine, provides us with his educated, intelligent, well-founded view of the Italy-Turkey alliance. (Hey, if you can't pat yourself on the back when you write the introduction for your own article, when can you?)

Jean-François Georget: Peloponnesian Wars

A fascinating look at a recent Dip variant, taking place around the ancient Mediterranean lands. Definitely worth a read, and then a game.

Alastair Tomlinson: Those Who Can, Teach

Alastair takes us on a journey through the ins and outs of the TeachMe format for Diplomacy. Let him teach you as to the merits of this idea (I had to try to make some joke, give me a break!)

Sergio Lidsell: More News From The Italian Front

Sergio takes us on a thrilling ride through the changes wrought in how the Machiavelli variant runs in various Judges, and gives us a crash course in the many bugs fixed.

E.G. Vandergeld: Karaoke Diplomacy

Eva provides us with some, umm, interesting parodies of famous Beatles songs (yes, I know "famous Beatles songs" is rather redundant). Seriously, these are a lot of fun.

Millis Miller: Interview with Alain Tésio

Millis Miller provides us with an insightful interview with the creator of the mapper, Alain Tésio.

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

Short and Sweet!

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