1996 People's Diplomacy Organization Relief Auction


  1. The deadline for bids is April 20, 1997. Send all bids to: Douglas Kent at 10214 Black Hickory Rd., Dallas, TX 75243. Bids can also be emailed to me at 73567.1414@compuserve.com or faxed to me at (972) 234-8742, but if you send them via Email or fax be sure to include your postal address so I can get in touch with you both ways if need be.
  2. Anyone may participate in the bidding. All you have to do is submit a bid on an item (send no money now please). If you are the highest bidder the item will be yours, and you'll be notified when to send the money and how much. You may submit conditional bids on total amount to be spent, or if you win or lose another item. You can't submit conditionals that say to outbid the next highest bidder by an amount of money. This is only a one round auction, so plan wisely. Also, all bids will be secret.
  3. In case of tied bids, postmark will decide. If postmarks are the same, the auctioneer will flip a coin or roll a die to determine the winner. Tied bids are extremely rare.
  4. All items are postage paid or will have the postage figured into the minimum price if you are in North America. Bidders outside of North America may be asked to pay for part or all of shipping for larger items, at the donor's discretion.
  5. All donations collected will go to hobby services as decided upon by the PDORA Financial Committee.
  6. Allow 4-6 weeks after the auction deadline for the item to get to you. The faster everybody gets their payments in to me, the faster I can have the items sent out to the successful bidders.
  7. Input is welcome and encouraged.
  8. Additional catalogues can be had for a SASE from me.
  9. Good luck and have fun.
  10. PDORA Financial Committee: Brent McKee, Jim Burgess, Don Del Grande, Melinda Holley, Michael Lowrey.
Item No.Description
A-001An 8-issue subscription to Grand Hyatt, the zine devoted to the world-wide variant Colonia. Only for those who do not currently receive GH. $2 minimum. 2 LOTS.
A-002An 8-issue subscription to Maniac's Paradise. Only for those who do not currently receive MP. $6 minimum. 2 LOTS.
A-003A 4-issue subscription to Diplomacy World. Only for those who do not currently receive DW. $5 minimum. 2 LOTS.
A-004An 8-issue subscription to Carolina Command & Commentary. $3 minimum.
A-005A one-year subscription to Making Love in a Canoe. $4 minimum.
A-006A one-year subscription to Rambling Way and a free gamestart. $5 minimum.
A-007A nine-issue subscription to Tom Howell's off-the-shelf. $2 minimum.
A-008A one-year (ten issue) subscription to Chris Hassler's Runestone Poll-winning S.O.B. $4 minimum. 2 LOTS.
A-009An 8-issue subscription to Jamie McQuinn's Crossing the Rubicon. $4 minimum.
A-010A one year subscription (usually 8 or 9 issues) to James Hardy's lively zine SNOT. Includes free gamestarts, but then they're always free anyway. $3 minimum.
A-011A ten issue to Rich Goranson's Forlorn Hope, with all gamestart fees waived. $10 minimum.
A-012A 6-issue subscription to Brendan Whyte's Damn the Consequences, all the way from New Zealand. $4 minimum.
A-013A 5-issue subscription to Stephen Koehler's Diplodocus. $2 minimum.
B-001A paperback copy of Peacekeeper by General Lewis MacKenzie. $1 minimum.
B-002Hardcover copy of The Complete Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen. $4 minimum.
B-003An personally autographed copy of Joe Clifford Faust's upcoming SF book Ferman's Devils. Joe will sign it to whomever you request. $3 minimum.
B-004The Game of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp. This authorized photocopy of the original 150 page book reprints the only hardcover book on Diplomacy ever published. Gives you a British view of the game and the hobby. $5 minimum.
B-005The Limits of Glory by Col. James McDonough, a novel on Waterloo. $3 minimum.
G-001A mint copy (counters unpunched) of SPI's "Battlefleet Mars" (spft box). $10 minimum.
G-002A used copy of Avalon Hill's game "1914." $3 minimum.
M-001A large 13" X 10" envelope stuffed with stamps of the world (including all continents except Antarctica). $1 minimum.
M-002A bunch of miscellaneous foreign coins. No minimum. 2 LOTS.
M-003An envelope of foreign stamps. No minimum. 2 LOTS.
M-004Guided backpacking tour of the Olympic Mountains. Food provided. Purchaser must provide own equipment and transportation to Port Townsend, Washington (USA). Minimum bid: $35.
M-005A personal horoscope done for you by Diplomacy legend Melinda Holley. She will need the place, date and time of your birth. $5 minimum. 5 LOTS.
M-006A guided tour/hike of New Zealand's North Island. Guide, local knowledge, organization, some food and some equipment provided - you supply travel to New Zealand, rest of the food and equipment, and a large amount of camera film. Condiments courtesy of Marmite. Enjoy three of the world's unique things: New Zealand, Brendan Whyte, and Marmite. $5 minimum.
N-001One free entry to DipCon XXX. value $35. Donated by the Metro Seattle Gamers (Dragonflight) and Buz Eddy. DipCon XXX will be held in Seattle, WA on August 22-24, 1997. Minimum bid: $10.
O-001An opening in a Diplomacy game to be run by David McCrumb, possibly in a restarted Abattoir just for that purpose. $2 minimum. 7 LOTS.
Z-001Four back issues of Maniac's Paradise, selected based on what is available at the time of the auction. I'll try to give you the largest issues I have on hand. $3 minimum. 2 LOTS.
Z-002Two back issues of Diplomacy World between #72 and #79, chosen randomly by myself. $2 minimum. 3 LOTS.
Z-003Bushwacker #222, the last full issue from August 1990. 26 pages, including 5 pages of "Bushwacker" comic strips. Plus an added bonus - Fred Davis' article "Deutschland's Dreadnaughts" (an additional 12 pages). $3 minimum. 2 LOTS.
Z-004A copy of Fred C. Davis, Jr.'s "Chronical" of World War II (6 pages in length). 2 LOTS.
Z-005Ancient issue of Diplomacy World - Vol. 2, No. 4 (Winter 1975). $2 minimum.
Z-006Ancient issue of Diplomacy World - Vol. 4, No. 1 (Spring 1977). $2 minimum.
Z-007Ancient issue of Diplomacy World - Issue No. 16, Summer 1977. $2 minimum.
Z-008Ancient issue of Diplomacy World - Issue No. 17 (Autumn 1977). $2 minimum.
Z-009Ancient issue of Diplomacy World - Issue No. 18 (Winter 1978). $2 minimum.
Z-010Ancient issue of Diplomacy World - Issue No. 19 (Spring 1978). $2 minimum.
Z-011Diplomacy World by the pound - Bid for pounds of DW back issues! Minimum bid is $1 per pound for Peery issues, $2 per pound for Walker issues, and $4 per pound for Jones issues. The winning bidders will be required to pay postage on top of their bid amounts. You can request specific issues, and if available you'll get them.

Thanks for your support of PDORA

Douglas Kent

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