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The Zine

Fall 2012 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
We're still here! Thanks to Chris Babcock and friends, the Zine is back for another issue.
Edi Birsan: The Mantra for Diplomacy Players
Do you sometimes get too caught up in the game? (Is that even possible?) Edi reminds us what it's really all about: having fun.
Martin Bruse: Scratching the Diplomatic Itch
The story of how Martin set about adapting a Diplomacy interface for the Android!
Matt Johnston: Really, we do have something to discuss!
No matter how distant they may be, you always have something to discuss with the other players. Join Matt as he provides a few examples of how to engage others even when you have nothing in particular to negotiate.
Edi Birsan: North American Hobby Leadership Picks New Chief of NADF
The North American Diplomacy Federation has a new leader — all hail the Chief!
Conor Kostick: World Championship 2012
The inside story of the Irish team's triumph in the 2012 World Championship, as described by team Vice-Captain Conor Kostick!
Dorian Love: The Diplomacy World Cup 2012
A summary of the recent Diplomacy World Cup competition, from the Tournament Director!
Dash Yeatts-Lonske: Minor Powers and their uses
What can you do when you want to play Diplomacy, but have fewer than seven players? How about introducing Influence Points for minor powers?
Matt Johnston: Rantings of a Mad Backstabber
A series of exchanges between the Contessa de Napoli and the unnamed President of France, how they were each setting the other up, and how it turned out.
Larry Botimer: Playing Italy
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #58, Larry Botimer laments some of the difficulties faced by the leader of the green pieces, and addresses the issues Italy must face.

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