by the Editor

Happy Hallowe'en, and welcome to another issue of the Diplomatic Pouch!

I'm afraid that this issue may seem a bit dull after our 50th Issue extravaganza — you will see no gold plating on this one, I'm afraid (though I did toy with the idea of using black and orange for Hallowe'en, or red-white-blue for the US 2008 elections…).

Still, I'm very happy with the selection of articles in this issue. We have items on strategy, negotiations, hobby resources, and even another Holmes mystery — something for everyone! I think it's a pretty good selection as we head into the final stretch for the year.

The next issue will be the Winter 2008 Adjustment issue, with an official submissions deadline of December 1st. The issue itself is scheduled to go public on December 31st. Loyal readers will recall that I actually extended that deadline by a week last year, since I was going to be away for the holidays until after the New Year. This time I'm getting back just before, and I'll do my best to get everything up by the scheduled deadline. [But don't hold it against me if that proves too much — I'm getting back very close to the end of December!]

Finally, it wouldn't be a real issue if I didn't close with another exhortation to you to write more articles for the Pouch. Your thoughts on strategy, tactics, negotiation, or other Diplomacy-related topics are always welcome. Remember, the content of the Pouch depends on the submissions we get; help us round out the year with a really strong bunch of articles for Winter 2008!

Enjoy the Pouch!

Charles Roburn
The Editor

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