The Diplomatic Pouch Shortcuts

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Fall 2002 Retreat Issue

Editor Edward Hawthorne:  About The Diplomatic Pouch
It's short but this issue gets straight to the point: WDC and WM2002 are coming.

Nathan Barnes:  Dispelling Meta-Gaming Myths
Not long ago, an issue that had been brewing among tournament Diplomacy players, slowly stoked by the fires of competition and ruthlessness that are so much a part of the tournament experience... transcend meta-gaming hurdles in tournament play.

Brandon Clarke:  Be Water
A Warrior's Journey towards the the ultimate Game of Death. Brandon examines the heart of a true warrior.

David E. Cohen:  Maharajah’s Diplomacy, Part II
The true labor of love is found in the design of a new variant. David shares his continued development of the Maharajah variant.

Robert Lesco:  Marco Poll
Find out how the Marco Poll picks up where the Runestone left off.

Justin Livitski:  The House Rules
Whether the game is played by email or face-to-face, here's a spring board for games GMed under house rules.

B.M. Powell:  1900: France
Many players choose France as their first preference. Find out how the results for this power fair in the fourth installment of the Gamer's Guide to 1900.

Raymond Setzer:  The Little Tournament that Could
An Insiders Guide to the World Masters Email Diplomacy Tournament.

Matt Shields:  Box Scores
The year draws towards an end but it's been a busy couple of months since the last issue. Find out how close some of the Grand Prixs remain while others have already been decided.

Alexander Woo:  Middlegame and Endgame Strategy
A number of articles have been written about strong openings and juggernaught alliances but Alexander advances to Middle and Endgame tactics and strategy for those who want survival.

The Editor and the Readership:  Pouch Deposits
The mailman cometh knocking. Find out what Zine readers had to say.


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