The Vassal Variant
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  1. The normal rules of Diplomacy apply except where amended herein.

  2. The Vassal variant makes use of the Minor Power map, where each of the 12 minor powers is a dummy owning a single supply center on the standard Diplomacy map.

  3. The game starts in the Winter 1900 Adjustment phase. Each dummy minor power builds a unit at random. The seven Great Powers may not build; their units begin on the board as usual. Alternatively the game starts in Spring 1901 Movement with no units built in the minor power centers (the scramble). To accomplish this, include the following when creating the game:

  4. Dummy powers become vassals after being conquered.

  5. Units can only be built in home centers. Note that dummy powers have only their starting center as a home center.
    Austria (A) Belgium (B) Bulgaria (L) Denmark (D) England (E)
    France (F) Germany (G) Greece (C) Holland (H) Italy (I)
    Norway (Y) Portugal (P) Russia (R) Rumania (U) Serbia (S)
    Spain (N) Sweden (W) Tunis (X) Turkey (T)  
Design Notes

Vassals was proposed by Joseph Wheeler and developed in discussion with Manus Hand.

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