The V8 Variant
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· Basic Rules
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  1. The standard rules of regular Diplomacy apply, except where modified below.

  2. The following changes are made to the standard map:
    1. The supply center in Portugal is removed.
    2. Iceland and Ireland are passable spaces.
    3. New neutral supply centers are located in Bohemia, Iceland, Ireland, Livonia, and North Africa.

  3. The victory condition is twenty supply centers.

  4. England begins the game with a fleet in Liverpool rather than an army.

  5. St. Petersburg is no longer a Russian home supply center, and Russia does not begin the game with a unit located there.

  6. An eighth power, Scandinavia, is introduced. It begins the game owning the following supply centers and with the following units:
    Scandinavia Fleet Norway Fleet Sweden Army St. Petersburg
Design Notes

This variant was created by Clay Snyder.

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