The Shift Variants
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The Shift variants are standard Diplomacy, played on the standard map with standard powers, with the single exception that each of the powers begins the game with his units occupying (and owning) the home centers of another power. Each power's initial units are the same in number, unit type, and position as the standard setup for the power whose supply centers it is occupying.

Each power's home centers remain the same as in standard Diplomacy, so that no power may build a new unit until it has captured one of its own supply centers and then leaves it vacant in an adjustment phase.

Power Starts In...
Shift Left Shift Right Shift Around
Austria France England France
England Austria Italy Italy
France Russia Austria Austria
Germany Turkey Turkey Turkey
Italy England Russia Russia
Russia Italy France England
Turkey Germany Germany Germany
Design Notes

The Shift Left and Shift Right variants were designed by Josh Smith. The Shift Around variant (identical to Shift Right except that Austria and Russia exchange their starting positions) was created by Dan Dzikowicz.

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