The Sail Ho! Variant
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· Basic Rules
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The normal rules of the game of Diplomacy apply, with the following additions, exceptions, and clarifications.

The map that is used is a fictional body of water and the land surrounding it. The names of many of the map provinces in Sail Ho! are taken from mythology.

There are four powers in the game, named with the points of the compass: East, North, South, and West. Each of these powers begins with two units, one in each of his home supply centers.

East Army Centaur Forest Fleet Amazon Village
North Army Hercules' Respite Army Village of Aeolus
South Army Depths of Hades Fleet Xena's Rest
West Fleet Isle of Lesbos Fleet Convent of the Vestal Virgins

The map contains sixteen supply centers, half of which are located on the three islands in the center of the map. Ownership of nine or more supply centers is required for victory.

Design Notes

The idea for Sail Ho! began with the three-player Hundred Years' War variant. In this variant, the game quickly (if not immediately) moves to the "mid-portion" of the game. That is, the neutral SC's are quickly acquired and the three players find themselves face-to-face with their adversaries.

During the variant creator's "Interview with Manus Hand" (published in The Diplomatic Pouch Zine) he came to realize that he shared Manus's enjoyment of convoying. His next thoughts were that very few (if any) variants emphasize the convoy order. It was at this point that Sail Ho! was conceived.

After spending some time searching through the many variants he noticed that very few were designed for an even number of players (much less for four players). His intent was to create a variant which addressed these shortcomings.

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