The Renaissance Variant
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· Basic Rules
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  1. The normal rules of Diplomacy apply except where amended herein.

  2. Switzerland is passable, and is a neutral supply center.

  3. The game starts in the Spring 1454 Movement phase.

  4. In keeping with the standard that home centers are named for cities and neutral centers are named for regions or countries, and for more historical accuracy, the following spaces are renamed:
    Old NameNew Name Old NameNew Name Old NameNew Name
    BelgiumBrussels HollandNetherlands RomePapal States
    BudapestHungary KielHannover RuhrRheinland
    BulgariaSofia LiverpoolChester RumaniaMoldavia
    EdinburghScotland MoscowMuscovy SpainMadrid
    GasconyAquitaine PiedmontGenoa St PetersburgNovgorod
    GreeceAthens PortugalLisbon
    The DPjudge recognizes the usual, standard map, names and abbreviations as aliases for all of these these locations, however.

  5. The seven powers, with their starting locations, are shown below:
    England Fleet Brest Army Chester Fleet London
    France Fleet Brussels Army Marseilles Army Paris
    Holy Roman Empire Fleet Berlin Army Munich Army Vienna
    Poland-Lithuania Army Novgorod Fleet Sevastopol Army Warsaw
    Spain Fleet Madrid
        (south coast)
    Army Lisbon Fleet Naples
    Venice Army Venice Army Trieste Fleet Athens
    Ottoman Turks Fleet Sofia
        (east coast)
    Fleet Smyrna Army Ankara Army Constantinople
    To maintain consistency with the Ken Lowe judge (which does not allow the letter O to be used as a power abbreviation), the Ottoman Turk player is denoted in DPjudge play by the letter T.
Design Notes

Earle Ratcliffe and Michael Cuffaro created the Renaissance variant.

The DPjudge is copyright © 1995-2024 by Manus Hand. All rights reserved.