The Modern-Up Variant
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· Map Notes
· Design Notes

The same rules as for Modern apply, except as noted below.
  1. Britain starts with an army in Liverpool instead of a fleet.
Map Notes
The Modern-Up map is the same as for Modern with the following modifications.
  1. Addition of Ulster (Northern Ireland). Ulster is a canal province like Denmark or Istanbul, bordering Ireland, Liverpool and Clyde and separating the North-Atlantic Ocean from the Irish Sea.

  2. The North- and South-Atlantic Ocean now touch each other, while Ireland borders the Mid-Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Addition of Central Sahara (Libya's desert area). Central Sahara is a landlocked province bordering Western Sahara, Libya, Eastern Sahara and Aswan. Aswan stretches eastwards towards the Libyan border.
Design Notes

The Modern variant was created by Vincent Mous. The Modern-Up modifications were proposed and implemented by Mario Huys in collaboration with Vincent. Mario described these modifications in the Diplomatic Pouch Zine articles A Modern Look at 'The Troubles' and The Modern Art of War.

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