The Minor Power Variant
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· Basic Rules
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  1. The normal rules of Diplomacy apply except where amended herein.

  2. The Minor Power variant is played by 19 players, the seven usual Great Powers, and 12 minor powers, each of which starts the game owning a single supply center on the standard Diplomacy map.

  3. The game starts in the Winter 1900 Adjustment phase. Each minor power starts the game choosing which type of unit they wish to build and progressing from there. The seven Great Powers may not build; their units begin on the board as usual.

  4. When building units, a unit may be built at any owned supply center.

  5. The single-character abbreviation (shown on the units on the map and for use in SIGNON and PRESS TO commands in the DPjudge's e-mail messages) for each of the 19 powers are the usual abbreviations (for the Great Powers), and the letters shown below for each of the other powers:
    Austria (A) Belgium (B) Bulgaria (L) Denmark (D) England (E)
    France (F) Germany (G) Greece (C) Holland (H) Italy (I)
    Norway (Y) Portugal (P) Russia (R) Rumania (U) Serbia (S)
    Spain (N) Sweden (W) Tunis (X) Turkey (T)  
Design Notes

The name of the creator of the Minor Power variant is lost in the sands of time.

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