The Milan Variant
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· Basic Rules
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  1. The standard rules of regular Diplomacy apply, except where modified below.

  2. The standard map is altered to create the province of Milan between the former Piedmont and Venice provinces. Milan and Trieste do not border one another. The supply center that was in Venice is moved to Milan.

  3. The former Piedmont, which loses its contact with Tyrolia to Milan, is adjacent to Burgundy as well as to Marseilles. To reflect these changes, the space is renamed Savoy.

  4. Rome takes in all of the former Tuscany, so the combined province is thus adjacent to Savoy, Milan, the Gulf of Lyons and all of Rome's usual neighbors.

  5. Venice is renamed Venetia, following the convention that only home supply centers have city names.
Design Notes

This variant was created by John Norris in an effort to strengthen Italy, providing it an attacking rather than exclusively defensive power.

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