The Loeb9 Variant
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  1. The normal rules of Diplomacy apply except where amended below.

  2. Spain is divided into four spaces: Navarre, Madrid, Catalonia, and Cordoba. Madrid and Cordoba are supply centers.

  3. The following islands are now spaces into which units may move: Iceland, Ireland, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. Ireland is a neutral supply center.

  4. Passage between Cordoba and North Africa and passage between Naples and Sicily is allowed by armies. However, such a move is made with a force equal to the number of supports (as opposed to one plus the number of supports). An unsupported army making such a move will have no effect whatsoever on the destination province for the purposes of cutting support. Support cannot be given across the strait.

  5. Prussia and Silesia are neutral supply centers.

  6. Moscow is divided into two spaces. The new space, east of Moscow, is Kakakz,

  7. St. Petersburg is divided into two spaces. The new space, east of St. Petersburg, is Siberia.

  8. The Russian fleet in St. Petersburg begins the game on the north coast, rather than the south coast.

  9. The Arctic Ocean is added as a new space along the north edge of the map, adjacent to the North Atlantic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea, and Siberia. This space is passable only in Spring. That is, in a Fall movement or retreat phase, no fleet may attempt to move or offer support into the Arctic Ocean, and a fleet in the Arctic Ocean must be ordered to HOLD during Fall. A fleet in the Arctic Ocean may be REMOVEd by its owner during Winter Adjustments.

  10. In keeping with the standard that all home centers are named for cities, Sweden is renamed Stockholm, Denmark is renamed Copenhagen, Norway is renamed Oslo, and Portugal is renamed Lisbon. (Note that the usual names and abbreviations of these spaces, from the standard game, are recognized by the DPjudge as valid aliases for the spaces, and therefore may still be used.)

  11. Two new powers are added, making the game a nine-player game. These powers, and their home centers with their initial unit positions, are:
    Norway Army Oslo Fleet Copenhagen Fleet Stockholm
    Spain Army Cordoba Army Madrid Fleet Lisbon

  12. The victory condition is 20 supply centers.
Design Notes

The Loeb9 variant was created by Danny Loeb, one of the legends of Internet play.

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