The Empire Variant
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The normal rules of the game of Diplomacy apply, with the following additions, exceptions, and clarifications.

The map that is used is a representation of North America, Central America, and the north-east section of South America, with political boundaries describing the break-up of the United States of America into five separate powers, and Canada into two powers. of the region.

The ten powers in the game, with their home centers and the initial positions of their units, are shown below:

British Columbia Fleet Anchorage Army Calgary Army Vancouver
California Fleet San Diego Fleet San Francisco Army Los Angeles
Cuba Army Holguin Fleet Havana Fleet Kingston
Florida Fleet Miami Army Jacksonville Army Tampa
Heartland Army Chicago Army Milwaukee Army Minneapolis
Mexico Fleet Guadalajara Army Mexico Army Veracruz
New York Army New Jersey Fleet New York City Army Philadelphia
Peru Army Bogota Fleet Cali (north coast) Fleet Lima
Quebec Army Montreal Army Ungava Fleet Quebec City
Texas Army Dallas Fleet Houston Army San Antonio

The game-year proceeds as in the standard game (Spring, Fall, Winter) except that the game's first year is numbered 1999 (rather than 1901).

The map contains fifty-eight supply centers as the standard map, and so the victory criteria is thirty supply centers.

Map Notes

  1. Canals. There are a few one-space canals that act like Kiel in standard Diplomacy. This means that the spaces have no coasts and fleets can exit on any side.
    • Panama
    • Ontario
    • Michigan
    • Upper Peninsula
    • Chicago (see below)
    Empire has one more Canal: the Hudson Canal between New York City and New York State. Fleets can move from one of these spaces to the other.

  2. Waterways. There are two waterways in Empire where fleets can move as though there were a coastline in the listed territories. These rivers do not impede army movement. These two waterways are:
    • Mississippi (Chicago, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Deep South, Louisiana)
    • St-Lawrence (Beauce, Montreal, NYS, Ontario, Quebec, Gaspe)
    For example, a fleet could move from Tennessee to any of Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas or Deep South.

  3. Land Bridges. Units can move between Ungava and Nunavut. This does not block movement between Hudson Bay and the Sea of Labrador.

    Units can move between Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This does not block movement between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Design Notes

The Empire variant was created by Vincent Mous. A full home page for the variant is maintained at The Diplomatic Pouch.

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