The Canton Variant
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  1. The normal rules of the game of Diplomacy apply, with the following additions, exceptions, and clarifications.

  2. The map represents Asia at the start of the twentieth century. The variant was inspired by Colonial Diplomacy.

  3. The seven powers in the game, and the initial positions of their units, are shown below:

    Britain Fleet Madras Army Calcutta Army Delhi
    China Fleet Peking Army Shanghai Army Chunking Army Tibet
    France Fleet Saigon Army Hanoi Army Hue
    Holland Fleet Borneo Fleet Sumatra Fleet Java
    Japan Fleet Sasebo Fleet Tokyo Army Kyoto
    Russia Fleet Khabarovsk Fleet Sevastopol Army Irkutsk Army Moscow
    Turkey Fleet Constantinople Army Damascus Army Baghdad

  4. The map contains thirty-six supply centers, so the victory criteria is nineteen.
Map Notes
  1. Impassable Space. Nepal is impassible.

  2. Islands. Formosa and the Philippines are islands. An island may be occupied by an army or a fleet. Each island has one continuous coast, therefore a fleet on an island may move to any space adjacent to it.

  3. Canals. Constantinople and Egypt are canals like Kiel in Standard Diplomacy. This means that the spaces have no coasts and fleets can exit on any side.

  4. Multiple Coasts. The following spaces have multiple coasts:
    • Bulgaria - east and south coast
    • Canton - east and south coast
    • Damascus - west and south coast
    • Siam - east and west coast
Design Notes

The Canton variant was created by Paul Webb.

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