The Brazilian Variant
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· Basic Rules
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  • The normal rules of Diplomacy apply except where amended herein.

  • North Africa is a neutral supply center.

  • Movement is possible between the Helgoland Bight and the Baltic Sea, and fleets in those locations may participate in the same convoy operation.

  • Clyde and the Norwegian Sea are not adjacent to each other.

  • Italy begins the game with a fleet in Rome rather than an army.
Design Notes

This variant became the standard form of play in Brazil, since the only edition of Diplomacy available there was this unauthorized bootleg version by GROW Produtos Para Recreacao, Ltda., with its minor differences in the map lines (Clyde, Edinburgh, the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea meet at a point, and an additional line crosses the lower Baltic from Berlin to Denmark), the addition of the North Africa supply center, and the modification of the Roman unit. These differences are considered to be mistakes or perhaps intentional minor variations made in an attempt to forestall copyright infringement action.

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