The 1898 Variant
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· Basic Rules
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  1. The normal rules of Diplomacy apply except where amended herein.

  2. The game starts in Winter 1898 when each player reveals which one of their regular home supply centers will be their initial home supply center. In Winter 1898, each player builds a unit in their chosen initial home supply center. This center becomes the only center that the power currently owns.

  3. Each power's home centers are unchanged. That is, England's home supply centers are always London, Liverpool, and Edinburgh. With the exception of the initial build (described above), players must occupy and take ownership of each of their home supply centers before they can build units on that center.
Design Notes

This variant was designed by Randy Davis.

Because the Ken Lowe e-mail judge system was not able to create games that begin with an empty board and allow a "free build on any chosen home center," the 1898 on the Ken Lowe judges differs from the variant described above (and which is implemented on the DPjudges). On the Ken Lowe judge, the game begins in Spring 1899 and each power begins with one specific unit: A Tri, F Edi, A Bre, A Kie, A Nap, A StP, and A Smy.

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